Inside an international Carding shop

There is a world wide trade in stolen, or compromised credit cards which often end up in the hands of a few criminals who instead of attempting to spend the cash will choose to sell the content to those who can better 'cash out' and move the compromised content into account(s) that can essentially launder the cash. Muling and laundering reports here and here from Europol

Support manager shop (English) Please contact : ICQ ID : 684523892Email : Yahoo : Chim_ThaiLan

The ICQ number 684523892 is associated a large number of results all associated with the trading of stolen/compromised credit card details. One such shop offers a significant amount of coverage including the US, China & EU

There are two types of cards referred to as 101 and 201

201 = Larger limits and no regional restrictions but requires chip verification

101 = Restricted limits (the preferred for criminals and those learning the carding game) and not chipped.

The rough translation of 'Chim_Thái_Lan' is 'Birds Of Thailand' which could be a reference to the location of the carding operation in terms of Asia, the shop offers assistance both in Thai & English as well working between the hours of BST and +6 Thai time.  When i asked for the rates and promised on purchasing i was faced with the following :

Thank u for interest!! rates below and promise value (:

? - DUMPS 101 Track1+Track2+PIN.
? - DUMPS 201 Track1+Track2+Track3+PIN.
? - Daily update.
? - Fast automatic payment methods
? - Replace lost/stolen/hold/card error/call
? - Replace if the card balance is less than $1,000
? - Balance > 1,000 - 100,000 EUR/USD
? - Lowest prices at a stuff of such quality.
? - After purchase you will have 3 days to check
? - Refunds
? - Support 24/7


Not sure about doing business with these guys just yet, i'll consider my options.