The Money Team - A multinational fraud gang

The thriving carding forums that reside under most .ru domains or .su offer a significant amount of diverse fraud options, ranging from simple carding fraud from dumps or CVV dumps. I had identified, ' The Money Team' by way of their preference for offering what is known as pink slips.


Pink slips are known better as those used in financial dealings, and in particular Insurance firms. Those fraudulent forms used here are targeting the following

  • Alpha Insurance
  • CSG
  • FAC
  • Ingosstrakh - A Moscow-based entity with financial stability rating of A++

Offering a substantial amount of documentation via a DNM for the following prices, which are competitively priced based upon a sliding scale depending on amount purchased. IE: more slips, the cost goes down.

  • 1 completed application form - 2500r
  • 10 letterheads - 900p 
  • 20 forms - 870r 
  • 30 forms - 850r 
  • 50 forms - 700r 
  • 100 forms - 650r 
  • 300 forms - 550r 
  • 500 forms - 500r 
  • 1000 forms - 450r 
  • 5000 forms - 400r 
  • 10000 forms - 380r

As a potential buyer of the documents you can request a sample, a reputation as a buyer is required, and if you're feeling adventurous you can ask for a courier such as SDEK/DIMEX/CSE.

Branching out, and diversification of a criminal enterprise is key to success and the soon to be launched site offers a direct link to their trades

The site unsurprisingly sits behind CloudFlare 

I will be paying close attention to what other services pop up from TMT.